The Blue Elephant Project


Mission of BECP:

At it’s inception BECP focused on ensuring children had access to the arts to express grief and trauma.  The book and the film became the backdrop for an even larger campaign, BE; A campaign designed to work with children and encourage them to embrace their unique differences, by BE’ing real and allowing others to BE themselves.  Collectively we can stop the bullying and shootings that have become an epidemic in our world.  BE you! BE real! Just BE!

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Proceeds from “The Blue Elephant” book and short film series will go to support the Blue Elephant Canvas Project- Grief knows no boundaries or colors.  Encouraging young people to embrace their differences and celebrate BE’ing unique.  Bringing Hope and Joy together through children's art.



Founder:  Founder, Elizabeth Ann Liechty, became involved with children’s bereavement camps through Hospice of the Chesapeake, when on a trip to South Africa. She saw children grieving with no way for them to artistically express their sadness. In 2015, she and a group of friends returned to South Africa with canvases and art supplies, which evolved into The Blue Elephant Canvas project.   A children’s book and short film gave way to ‘BE,’ a campaign encouraging an end to bullying and loneliness by embracing uniqueness.